Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun Live (Short Clip) - Isle of Wight Festival 08/30/1970

A short clip of Jimi Hendrix's performance at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival on 31 August 1970, his last performance in England before his death less than three weeks later on September 18th 1970.

The 22-minute version of "Machine Gun" includes walkie-talkie interference from security personnel feeding through the sound equipment.


Machine gun Tearing my body all apart

Machine gun Tearing my body all apart

Evil man make me kill ya Evil man make you kill me Evil man make me kill you Even though we're only families apart

Well I pick up my axe and fight lik a bomber (you know what I mean) Hey and your bullets keep knocking me down

Hey I pick up my axe and fight like a bomber now Yeah but you still blast me down to the ground

The same way you shoot me down baby You'll be going just the same Three times the pain And your own self to blame Hey machine gun


I ain't afraid of your mess no more, babe I ain't afraid no more After a while your your cheap talk don't evern cause me pain So let your bullets fly like rain

'cause I know all the time you're wrong baby And you'll be goin' just the same Yeah machine gun Tearing my family apart Yeah yeah alright Tearing my family apart

Don't you shoot him down He's about to leave here Don't you shoot him down He's got to stay here He ain't going nowhere He's been shot down to the ground Oh where he can't survive no no

Yeah that's what we don't wanna hear any more, alright No bullets At least here, huh huh No guns, no bombs Huh huh No nothin', just let's all live and live You know instead of killin'

Songwriters: Jimi Hendrix

Machine Gun Lyrics© Universal Music Publishing Group