Joe Walsh - In the City - Live 1983

"In the City" is a rock song written by Barry De Vorzon and Joe Walsh. It was first recorded by Walsh and released on the soundtrack for the 1979 film The Warriors. Another version of the song, recorded by Walsh's band the Eagles, was included on their album The Long Run, released the same year.

The track was first recorded by guitarist Joe Walsh for the soundtrack to the 1979 movie The Warriors; the Eagles liked what they heard and decided to record it for their album The Long Run.


Somewhere out there on that horizon

Out beyond the neon lights

I know there must be somethin' better

but there's nowhere else in sight

It's survival in the city

When you live from day to day

City streets don't have much pity

When you're down, that's where you'll stay

In the city, oh, oh.

In the city

I was born here in the city

With my back against the wall

Nothing grows, and life ain't very pretty

No one's there to catch you when you fall

Somewhere out on that horizon

Faraway from the neon sky

I know there must be somethin' better

And I can't stay another night

In the city, oh, oh.

In the city