Tom Jones & Janis Joplin - Raise Your Hand

"Raise Your Hand" is a song written by Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd, and Alvertis Isbell (Al Bell). It was recorded by Floyd and appeared on his 1967 debut album Knock on Wood. It was released as a single that year, where it reached #16 on the Black Singles Chart and #79 on the Pop Singles Chart.

The song was part of Janis Joplin's concert repertoire and was performed by her at the 1969 Woodstock Festival. Her rendition of the song later appeared on the 1993 compilation Janis. It was also played by The J. Geils Band, and appeared on their 1976 live album Blow Your Face Out. Ike & Tina Turner recorded a version of the song in the early 1970s which was released on the 1985 compilation album Golden Empire.

The song has long been a favorite of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band for several decades and a 1978 performance of it was included on their Live/1975–85 box set. A version of the song appeared on Clarence Clemons and Temple of Soul's 2004 album Live in Asbury Park, Vol. 2 featuring Bruce Springsteen on lead guitar and lead vocals.


If there's anythin' that you need,

Hon, that you've never, ever, ever had.

I know you've never had it.

Oh, honey, don't you just sit there cryin',

Don't just sit there feelin' bad.

No, no, no.

You'd better get up,

Now do you understand,

And raise you hand!

I said raise your hand, hey.

You know I'm standin' about, yes I am.

Want to give you all my love.

Oh, honey, won't you come on and open up,

I said, open up your heart.

Please, let me try.

You'd better to be good.

Don't ya understand ?

Raise your hand.

I said, raise your hand,

Right here, right now, c'mon!!

Whoaaaaah, oh yeah!!

If there's anything you need,

Honey, that you ever, ever, ever try,

I want you to give it up

I said to give it all, don't you know that you have.

You'd better be good.

Don't ya understand,

Raise your hand.

I said, raise your hand,

Raise it,

Raise it,

Raise it,



Ha wah do wah

Ha wah do wah

Ha wah do wah

Ha wah do wah



Whoa, hon

Whoa, yeah

Whoa, hon

Whoa, yeah

I said every day when I go out

I said I wanna move.

Every day when I go out

I tell ya I wanna groove.

I said move, yeah

Said move now

Move, yeah


Honey, I want you to come along

And raise your hand.

Babe, I want you to come along,

Raise your hand.

If you know where you belong

I'll tell you


And now

Said here and now

Said here now, now, now, now, now, now, now!

Raise your hand, yeah. [X4]

Raise your hand. [X8]

Hey, hey, hey, get it up now!

Hey, hey, get it up now!

Hey, hey, get it up now!

Hey, hey, get it up!

Raise your hand! [X6]

Raise your hand, yeah!