Uriah Heep - Sympathy - 1977

"Sympathy" is a song by English rock band Uriah Heep, which was originally released on their tenth studio album Firefly in 1976.The song has been written by Ken Hensley and sung by John Lawton. Later the same year the song has been released as the second and last single from the album. It is also the first single with John Lawton that charted when it peaked at No. 37 in Germany.

The song was recorded and mixed at Roundhouse Recording studios in London between October and November 1976, then was released subsequently on the album on 7 December 1976, one day before beginning their US tour in support of Kiss in Macon, Georgia.


Sympathy just doesn't mean that much to me

Compassion is now compassion in my mind

And if you're looking for a shoulder to cry on

Don't turn your head my way

'Cause I'd rather have my music in a day

You and I are master of our destiny

We look for consolation all the time

Till we find out things are not what they were meant to be oh no

And if it doesn't suit our mood we'll call it crime

Dedication is not an obligation

All I think about someone's imagination

It's the only way to say to live from day to day

To make each passing way a smile succession

Dreams are the possession of the simple man

Reality the fantasy of youth

When living is a problem that is common to us all

We love the only common road to truth